How to Get Your SlideShare Presentation Featured Next to Guy Kawasaki

SlideShare is the perfect platform for sharing visual content–not just with your existing community but an entirely new audience as well. SlideShare loves to feature content they find unique and engaging. It doesn’t matter if you have a large social following like Guy Kawasaki; if your content makes people sit up, take notice and share it, SlideShare will pay attention.

With the right best practices, you can attract more views to your content and earn the coveted position of Top Presentation of the Day. Here’s what you need to know when you create your next presentation for SlideShare.


Death to the bullet point

Many presenters love the art of the bullet point. Unfortunately, this art has been abused and it’s time to leave it behind. Bullet points don’t serve much purpose for the audience and are mostly there to trigger the presenter’s memory for what to say next. They can often become messy and look unprofessional.

How do you get rid of bullet points for good? Simplify your content. For example, if you’re mentioning the benefits of content marketing, give each benefit its own time in the spotlight by dedicating an entire slide to an individual benefit. There’s no need to list all the benefits as a bulleted list and risk losing your audience to boredom.

If you must present multiple pieces of information on the same slide, don’t overwhelm your audience with all the information upfront–use a build instead. You can add animations in PowerPoint, but keep in mind that your presentation will not function the same in SlideShare.

Build1 Build2

Build3 Build4

Set a theme

Once your content is organized, it’s time to select a theme and begin the design process. Presentations with a consistent look and feel throughout are much more appealing than those without. You may be thinking, “I’m not that creative,” or “I don’t have the budget to pay for a design.” With free tools like Canva and numerous resources for images, designing a presentation may be easier than you think. Internet users are most captivated by intriguing images, so use this to your advantage when creating presentations.

Optimize with proper description and tags

Once you’ve uploaded your presentation, be sure to include a brief description of what viewers can expect and optimize with appropriate tags. This ensures that those who are searching for content related to what you have to share will find it. You also have the option of including audio or a YouTube video if the presentation was previously recorded. For more information on optimizing your presentation, check out this guide.

Amplify your content by sharing consistently

As with all great content, if you publish it, they will not necessarily come. You have to let your audience know that your content is there. Push it out through relevant social streams with appropriate hashtags. Publish a blog post with the slides embedded. Ask your community to take a look and give feedback. If your presentation was given at a conference, tweet a link immediately following the presentation so attendees have the chance to take another look. You never know when your efforts will land your content in front of the right eyes that have the power to name your content “Top Presentation of the Day” and lead it to thousands of new views.



Always include a CTA

The final piece of advice for creating viral presentations: Never forget an appropriate call-to-action. Your content is being viewed by thousands of brand new people. Why not invite them to engage with more of your content with a CTA for a relevant piece of content. You could offer your latest guide, maybe a recording of the webinar you just did for that presentation or even just to simply subscribe to your blog for even more insights.

SlideShare isn’t a platform you should just store presentations on and forget them. Keep these best practices in mind and you’ll see the benefits of your hard work for weeks to come.

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