Press Release Tactics

Internet marketing press release submission is a proven way to increase valuable backlinks to your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Links to your site from trusted sources provide a vote of confidence that search engines value and factor into placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) while increasing the likelihood of a successful SEO campaign.

Additionally, internet marketing press releases help to drive new traffic and “spread the word” about your organization’s brand, products, services and/or message. The ultimate goal is to have Google pick up your press release and include it in their powerful Google News Feed which is widely distributed across thousands of internet platforms. Press releases can also be published via social media marketing platforms for additional exposure. Below are important considerations when writing and submitting press releases:

  • Optimize press release copy for Google (SEO)
  • Always publish press releases on company website first
  • Write keyword rich catchy titles (SEO)
  • Submit to multiple press release sites
  • Include links to company landing pages
  • Publish on Social Media Marketing platforms last

A weekly program is ideal to continually build valuable fresh backlinks for SEO and drive new traffic to your website. Every week webmasters should optimize and submit valuable press release updates for Newswire distribution. Keep in mind, some press release sites charge a fee or recurring fee for inclusion. Also, if you are a Chamber of Commerce member in your area check and see if they offer online press release submission. Most internet marketing firms offer press releases submission services and will optimize them on your behalf to the Newswire.

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