Boosting Your Content with Top Quality Photographs

Whether you are focused on boosting your online sales or lifting your social media following, one ingredient you cannot afford to ignore, is photography. As noted in a report by Sandra Iakovleva, articles with relevant images have 94% more views than those that are image-free. Moreover, 70% of online shoppers say product image is a key consideration when making purchasing decisions. The images you select speak volumes about your ethos and market share, but they are also a vital element in brand marketing; a ‘make or break’ for many consumers consulting your social media pages and website.

Use Intriguing Imagery

Visitors that visit your site and quickly abandon it increase your bounce rate, which is bad news for conversions and profitability. According to research by the Nielsen Norman Group, the average page visit lasts than a minute. Keep your visitors intrigued by offering more than one image. Make them scroll down to discover more images – and content – through a dynamic layout. A photo collage comprising cut-outs of just one image work well, as do various different images that are somehow connected in theme or color. If your photography has a value of its own, audiences are more likely to click to enjoy stylish imagery that speaks far louder than words.

Know Your Market

Your imagery should be in perfect line with your products and services. If, for instance, you are in the luxury resort industry, every image should be inviting, luxurious, and well positioned. You also need to include imagery that mentally transports audiences to your resort, and that means including serene natural imagery that appeals at a mental and emotional level. Your photographs should not only represent your brand values, but also your target market. Avoid staid imagery that does not jump out at clients. They should feel instantly identified with your pages as soon as they click onto them. Invest in professional photography. Amateur imagery is okay for an occasional Instagram story, but angle and lighting are everything when it comes to your website and, indeed, the majority of social media content you post.

Keep Content Manageable

Audiences have become far more easily distracted, with many types of audiovisual material vying for their attention. The above-mentioned research by the Nielsen Norman group shows that if you can convince your audience to stay for half a minute, there is a far higher chance that they will stay for considerably longer. To make your content more interesting, wow readers with useful tips, reports, or information. Your text needs to be dynamic, but also short and sweet. Get to the point and allow audiences to click on specific links for further information. With respect to photographs, don’t post so many that the audience loses track of the story you are trying to tell.

Photographs and text need to strike the perfect balance, rather than compete with each other. Research shows that time is a luxury, and page viewing times are increasingly shorter. Entice readers with pictures that relay the right message, but which also have the ability to keep them with you for a little longer. Back crisp, beautiful, professional photography with engaging content that has inherent value, but don’t barrage your audience with too much text. Providing handy tips, reports, and information is key, so invite those who wish to delve deeper into your page to do so by following a new link.