Chad Pollitt and NAI Present 2018 Native Advertising Technology Landscape

An Updated Tech Vendor Landscape

This morning, Relevance co-founder Chad Pollitt and the Native Advertising Institute released an updated version of the Native Advertising Technology Landscape. This landscape, first initiated in 2017, is a detailed map of global technology vendors. In order to appear on the list, the vendors had to meet two criteria. They had to facilitate, optimize, or track native advertising and they had to meet some of the definitions associated with the native advertising industry.

The vendors featured on the landscape are organized into various categories including, Social Media Native Ad Management, Mobile DSP’s, Influencer Advertising, Social Media, Video Only, Sponsored Content Marketplaces, In-Game, Email, and many more. The categories fall under four main descriptive areas: content type, channel, measurement/intelligence, and enablement.

The Native Advertising Technology Landscape was created to be a comprehensive resource for publishers, marketers, media buyers, communicators, and ad tech professionals looking to locate various tech vendors based on current and emerging categories. The landscape is only in its second year of existence, yet it has managed to become a successful, exhaustive list of hundreds of globe-spanning tech vendors.

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, the NAI have decided to make the landscape an annual tradition and will continue to add new vendors to the list year after year. Several new categories have been added for 2018 and the number of vendors has grown from 272 to 402.

According to Chad Pollitt, this increase “reflects the predicted growth trajectory for native advertising as a discipline.” Many of the vendors featured on the list are global, with some of them operating exclusively in Russia, Germany, Middle East, China, Switzerland, Turkey, and the UK. This is indicative of NAI’s commitment to global brand representation in all areas of their service.

New Statistics

This year, the NAI were able to jot down some statistics and compare and contrast changes in the landscape.

They discovered that twelve influencer advertising vendors were added, representing the largest category growth of 50%, the DSP category grew by 10 vendors, and a little more than one percent of vendors from last year were removed because they either went out of business, were acquired, or changed their name. More statistics and information regarding vendor categorization can be found on the NAI blog.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the native advertising industry, NAI’s landscape will always be in a state of constant construction and will never look the same year after year. Chad Pollitt states,

“At its current rate of growth, we would see a total of 685 native ad tech vendors next year. Maybe the rate will slow down or even increase. We won’t know the answers to any of these questions until 2019.”

The NAI has excelled at crafting an easy to read, yet highly informative and thorough tech vendor map. A compilation of over 400 vendors should look busy, but it’s never overwhelming due to a smart design and a clear cut categorization strategy. The future is bright for this young project and marketers everywhere will certainly benefit from navigating it.

Check out the Landscape below and, while you’re here, be sure to download your free copy of Chad Pollitt’s e-book “The Native Advertising Manifesto.”

Courtesy of Native Advertising Institute