Coca Cola U.K. Launches ‘We Do’ Ad Campaign Ahead of Sugar Tax

Elvis Inspired Ads Call Back to Coke’s Legacy

Coca Cola Great Britain has announced the launch of a new marketing campaign named, ‘We Do.’ The campaign is a celebration of Coca-Cola classic and comes just ahead of the U.K.’s sugar tax arriving next month, which will increase the cost of the soft drink.

In a press release about the campaign, Coca Cola announced that the campaign will run for four weeks on billboards and commercials nationwide, as well as on social media. The slogan for the campaign is “They don’t make ‘em like they used to. We do,” and it will feature images of music icon Elvis Presley.

The campaign was created by the U.K. creative agency Recipe and graphic designer Noma Bar. The images in the design call back to the brand’s historic print ads and the commercials take inspiration from the brand’s global reach and appeal.

Opposition to Sugar Tax

Coca Cola Great Britain has been firmly opposed to changing the beloved beverage’s recipe in adherence of a new $735 million sugar tax set forth by the U.K. government. Coca Cola Great Britain General Manager Jon Woods put forth a statement explaining that several other brands in their portfolio have reduced the amount of sugar in their drinks, including Fanta, Sprite, and Dr Pepper.

However, Woods mentioned that those decisions were made before the sugar tax announcements. The efforts the company has taken to adhere to the sugar tax since then have been modest and they will be taking a laissez faire approach to the Coca Cola Classic.

The decision to keep the Classic’s recipe the same will result in a higher tax but Woods’ claims that the decision was made based on the views of Coke fans. The brand is, and has generally been, adamant about staying true to the heritage of the drink.

Coke’s new campaign is a clear defense of the drink and Coca Cola U.K.’s decision to keep the drink recipe as is. The ads are sleek in design and evoke feelings of nostalgia. This nostalgic approach is purposeful and the ads are meant to be a sort of love letter to the drink’s authentic flavor and 130 year legacy.

The campaign was unveiled on Friday April 6th, 2018.

Image Courtesy of Coca Cola UK