Constant Contact Introduces Powerful New Email Marketing Features


For marketers, the stress of designing effective and appealing email marketing campaigns has just been alleviated with Constant Contact’s powerful new email marketing features. On December 12th, Constant Contact, part of the Endurance International Group’s Business unit, announced many new features including it’s next generation editor with easy to use drag-and-drop editing and pre-designed customizable templates, and augmented segmentation. These new features will allow experts and beginners alike to design professional looking and high quality email marketing campaigns with ease. The new editor features powerful and intelligent undo/redo actions that remember where you left off long after you’ve left the site, a massive image library, and a huge range of customizable borders, fonts, and colors.

The new editor also features new pre-designed ‘action blocks,’ such as RSVP action blocks, poll action blocks, and donation action blocks. These blocks allow for more tailored email marketing campaigns, higher response rates, and better donation management. Constant Contact has also made it easier to place and resize content blocks and insert impactful CTA’s that best reflect unique businesses. According to a news release given by PR Newswire,

Constant Contact also now allows users to maximize the effectiveness of their emails by segmenting contacts based on the content engaged with so users can follow up with more targeted, relevant messages. Click Segmentation automatically creates contact segments based on engagement with a specific link. Trackable links can be added to any email, which can then be set to automatically add contacts who click the tracked link to a new or existing list.”

Constant Contact has also made improvements to email user management with a new marketing calendar, new dynamic sign-up forms that will attract new subscribers with custom and visually stunning displays, and an inbox preview that allows marketers to see what their emails will look like on a wide range of platforms and devices. With these new features, Constant Contact will make good on their promise to help small businesses and nonprofits (many without marketing departments) find their own unique marketing strategy.


All content marketers should be aware that email is still a powerful, and effective digital marketing strategy. It’s persuasiveness is calculable, it’s good on ROI and it delivers strong conversion rates time and time again. It’s no wonder that even in the age of social media, where information spreads like wildfire, email remains a reliable and necessary component of any good marketing strategy. Through email, content marketers can flex their storytelling abilities and connect with consumers and build trust through concise yet emotive content. With new tech features becoming more commonly available, like the improved subscriber tracking system offered by Constant Contact, marketers can request donations, ask for RSVPs, design discount emails for subscribers on their birthdays, and promote video content. However, like everything in the digital and content marketing universe, email marketing evolves right alongside consumer habits.

It’s no surprise that content marketers are wracking their brains trying to come up with new ways to reinvent their strategies to appeal for new generations of consumers exposed to mindbogglingly endless streams of content. It’s not nearly enough to go in with irrelevant and uninteresting subject lines, uninspired copy, and misplaced CTA’s and still expect consumers to stick around for more than a minute. Expectations for all forms of content to be stylish, concise, and memorable are higher and understanding and meeting those expectations with some persuasive and creative visual copy has become a necessity. By seeking the help of companies like Constant Contact, content marketers of all skill levels can ensure their email marketing campaigns are professional, custom, and successful in terms of ROI and conversion rates.

These days, if you’re going to invade a consumer’s inbox with a sales pitch, it better be one that stands out from the rest. Make your content worth clicking on.


Since 1995, Constant Contact has been ahead of the curve when it comes to email marketing. They were one of the first companies to realize that email could be more than just a casual communication channel and by 2005, they had surpassed 50,000 customers. From 2009-2013 Constant Contact added over 200,000 more customers, introduced new products like ‘Event Marketing,’ and added three new offices. In 2014, they unveiled a new interface designed to be an all-in-one marketing solution. In 2016, Constant Contact was acquired by Endurance International Group and have since operated as an Endurance business unit.  Constant Contact strives to help small business and nonprofits with their email marketing  campaign strategies through powerful interfaces, user-friendly email design softwares, networking and friendly collaboration. Today, they share Endurance’s five million small business and nonprofit customers.

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