Content Marketing: The Next Best Thing To Non-Marketing

[bctt tweet=”What are the exact niceties of a transaction that involve convincing another person to act in a manner of which you are the biggest and most obvious beneficiary?” username=”relevance”]

Simple. You distract them. With cleverly crafted words. Or images. Or both.

The $500 jar of anti-wrinkle cream that will restore their youthful good looks or the 2 carat diamond ring that promises eternal love. Some of the most successful companies in the world have taken an ordinary sale of goods and turned it into an experience that is beneficial and elevating on both sides.


 In advocating animal rights, they went beyond a simple cosmetic transaction and made their customers a part of something bigger than themselves.


De Beers pulled off a veritable content marketing coup in making diamond rings an essential part of every marriage proposal.

It doesn’t always have to be a complicated story or a video format for that matter. Simple ads with sincere copy and eye catching visuals can often make a lasting impression like the Dettol sanitizer advertisement below.

[bctt tweet=”Content Marketers don’t sell – they let us have the privilege of owning. And that’s what makes all the difference. HOW YOU FEEL.” username=”relevance”]

The human race moved quickly from simple barter to more elaborate schemes to influence purchase including having someone else (yes, I mean influence marketing) do your marketing for you.

The fundamentals were always simple, ordinary even for a 6 year old bargaining for a Nerf gun. Everyone was marketing something to someone and this “not always symbiotic” arrangement has prospered for a long time.

But things are changing.

  1. Information sources are multiplying overnight – Not only are consumers spoiled for choice; they have access to more information, even from within their own trusted sources. They want their soaps and shower gels to fight for animal rights and make them beautiful like a movie star… washing off dirt, you said? Not enough!
  1. Marketing analytics, software, and tactics, not to mention channels, are also growing exponentially – Marketers scurry to maintain a unified communication strategy even as they are tasked to optimize new found opportunities even as they realize they are the 1000th brand promising “hope and a bright future” on the supermarket shelf.
  1. It is clearly a big boy’s game with so much advanced ammunition and weaponry on both sides that we often lose sight of our customer storyboard even as we compete to unearth the latest trend, weapon, or subterfuge technique available. 

Customers are rarely motivated to put their hard earned money in another’s pocket. They need to be uplifted, made special, and included in a context bigger than their own. And the best way to do that is “Non-Marketing.”

I think that is the best kind of marketing. And the closest thing to that is Content Marketing. A type of marketing that takes you away from the banality of selfish exchange and into a place where you smile, live, or just cry your heart out!