Content Marketing Tools to Try in 2020

Even if you create your own website free of charge, you’ll still need stellar content for it. And that’s only half the job. You should drive awareness and promote the content to your intended niche. On top of that, you have to monitor the content, ascertain how it compares with your competitors, and ensure it ticks all the necessary SEO boxes. The list goes on.

Quite frankly, few people hardly have time to do that. Fortunately for you, the solution is pretty simple: employ content marketing tools.

While there certainly is no substitute for human talent (with regards to content creation), it doesn’t hurt to incorporate tech tactics to get it out there. After all, technology is there to make our lives easier and more efficient. We’ve decided to outline some of the best content marketing tools you can try out in 2020.

Let’s get started.


Hubspot is amongst the most popular content marketing tools available. Firstly, its impeccable reputation precedes it. Secondly, the stats speak for themselves: more than 56,500 customers in the world use this platform.

The platform offers a wide range of content marketing tools, and most of them are free. Hubspot will help you with aspects such as content optimization and social scheduling. Did we mention that it has the most powerful marketing automation platform in the industry?

Best of all, it can be used by all businesses – large or small.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another popular content marketing tool in the industry. You can’t talk about content marketing without measuring how well your content is performing. Google Analytics helps you with the aspect of keeping tabs on your business metrics.

Just how many visitors are reading your content? What exactly are they doing on your site? How long do they stay? By using this tool, you’ll get valuable insight required to modify your business strategy accordingly.

This tool is relatively easy to use, especially if you’re tech-savvy. Plus, it’s free.


For people looking to build and host websites, you need to seriously consider WordPress as a content marketing tool. At its core, this highly customizable platform was designed to help beginners build basic content for their websites. Now it comes with a wide range of features that can help you manage your websites or blogs.

These include WordPress SEO, which helps you optimize your content, and OptinMonster, assisting with lead conversions.

This is the tool to pick if you’re looking to boost customer engagement with your target audience.

Google Docs

Think of Google Docs as your content doctor. Many content marketers use this tool to perfect their work prior to the final presentation. You simply upload your content onto this platform, and it helps you create, format, store & share it with others.

One thing you’ll love about Google Docs is its intuitive interface, how easy it is to learn, not to mention its easy accessibility. The fact that it’s free to use doesn’t hurt.

This is undoubtedly one of the best platforms you can possibly use to share your content with collaborators.


The key to producing quality content is ensuring that it’s free from errors. Grammatical mistakes do nothing for your content quality – especially in the eyes of your audience.

Mistakes do happen while creating content, but your audience doesn’t need to see that. It just screams unprofessionalism. Grammarly is a content marketing tool that’s detail orientated. It picks up your errors and rectifies them for you.

Consider this tool if you want to deliver exceptional content that is error-free.


For businesses looking to generate leads and increase revenue, Groovejar is your tool. This pop-up service serves to not only collect but convert traffic to your website.

One thing you’ll love about Groovejar is that it’s highly compatible with many email marketing tools. It’s the tool to consider if you want to optimize your website content, collect leads, and above all, convert them into actual paying customers.

While Groovejar does offer a free version, you can pay $29 monthly to access more features such as ROI tracking and Drip campaigns.


Businesses certainly don’t operate in a vacuum. While you may be producing exceptional content, the truth is, so is your competitor. Now, to ensure that you’re creating content that’s on the right track in relation to your competitors, you’ll need Buzzsumo.

This content marketing tool is designed to help you analyze what kind of content is appealing to your target audience at the moment. These may be regarded as trending topics that your customers are generally interested in. And it also establishes what kind of topics your competitors are producing.

The tool will help you gain insight into such information using metrics gathered from backlinks or social shares. Buzzsumo also shows you which leading influencers are sharing certain content, so you know who to share your content with to reach your niche.


As you know, content isn’t all about words and text. Visual representations are very much part of any quality content. If anything, your content’s visual aspect is more likely to keep your audience glued to your page compared to text – provided that it’s engaging and catchy.

It follows that you should incorporate a content marketing tool that also helps you share and promote videos that are on your site. And Vidyard will help you do just that. The website enables you to personalize your videos and suggests recommended time lengths that are enough to capture attention & generate leads.


There are plenty of content marketing tools to pick from. You just need to decide on a particular tool, depending on your budget. These tools can either be free, cheap, or pricy. If you’re not selecting a content marketing tool based on cost, you’re considering its actual purpose. Does it serve to promote, optimize, or ideate your content?

Figure these aspects out and take your pick from our top eight recommendations. After which you can sit back, relax, and watch your brand grow.