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"I wish I could say that reading this book will turn you into a successful content marketer in 10 easy chapters but I KNOW it will help you better access, optimize, and use what you ALREADY know. It is intended to empower you to embrace the dynamics of the post internet world (of infinite marketing complexities and opportunities which are as nerve wracking as they are powerful) through a concept that has long come of age".

Neema Kapoor, Marketing Strategist and Managing Editor of Relevance

Featuring a preface by Chad Pollitt, Co-founder of Relevance, this book strives to deconstruct KEY Content Marketing principles using easy to understand metaphors that make it a breezy read.

In this eBook you will learn:
Why (as a traditional marketer), you ALREADY have a head start in Content marketing. 
A STEP-BY-STEP guide to visualizing a content strategy, creating a documented campaign and the right way to measure results. 
A BONUS chapter on Applying the principles of Agile to Content Marketing.
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