Content Marketing vs Marketing - A Traditional Marketer's Guide to Content Marketing in 2018

Content Marketing is much art as it is science but it’s anything but new. It’s just business as usual but this time it dresses way nicer, picks you up in a stretch limo, and waits for at least 3 dates before trying to take you home. Using easy everyday metaphors to deconstruct valuable marketing principles this disruptive book takes a no holds barred approach to analyzing Content Marketing. 

Do you see a stick figure labeled user x or do you see a nervous 17 year old, pimply teenager shopping for her 1st prom dress? Once you can live it, feel it, and BELIEVE it, it’s time to optimize the numbers. Not the other way around. Recommended by content guru Chad Politt it also features a bonus chapter on 'Agile Content Marketing' that covers the operational aspects of building a team, writing and monetizing content. 
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