Content Marketing With The Best Backlinks – Key Tips To Developing A Killer Strategy

If you’re a search engine optimizer or a content marketer, the two main things that will always occupy your mind are:

  • It is only through great content that you can link to authoritative websites.
  • Backlinks are the number #1 search signal for Google.

Being a content marketer, the sooner you come to terms with these unavoidable facts, the sooner you can stay ahead of your competitors. Nevertheless, what is often forgotten by most content marketers is that authoritative sites will never link to your content magically. You have to give in your best efforts to put the content in front of them. Here comes the role played by content promotion, which is the key step between timeless content and playing with backlinks.

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There’s no need to promote bad content to the right people and good content to the wrong people!

The first thing that you should know about content promotion is that your promotion efforts will only become successful when you promote content that the high authority sites will have enough reason to link back to. Do you want to know about the few reasons why authority sites would link back to you?

  • The content has to be relevant to the messages that the authority sites wish to convey to their visitors. Suppose you are promoting content on potassium vitamins and how these supplements are vital for your health, it should have enough worth for a similar authority website to notice and link back to.
  • The content has points which reinforces their own opinions and also throws a positive light on the facts.
  • The content should be of immense value to the visitors of their website.
  • The content should neither compete with nor undermine the service that is offered. It shouldn’t also be promotional.

It is only when these conditions are fulfilled that an authoritative website will find it worthy to link back to your content.

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Key tips for designing a worthy backlink content marketing strategy

Backlinks play a role where visitors are redirected to your website so that they get to know more about your services and products. This is not an easy task as you will need relevant content to convince the visitors to click on your link.

Here are few tips to develop the best possible backlink content marketing strategy for your marketing campaign.

1. Jot down a list of landing pages and relevant anchor texts

It is important for you to have a set action plan before you jumpstart with your content marketing strategy. Which keywords would you like to use in your content and which are the pages that you’re going to target? Conduct a research of keywords and choose words that have competitive ranking at a moderate level. Also, make a list of the landing pages that you’re eager to promote as this will tell you about the kind of content that you’re going to produce.

2. Utilize website statistics to supervise your backlinks

You have to agree to the fact that there are a few keywords and backlinks which are better than others. If you wish to constantly improve the backlink strategy for content marketing, you have to use site analytics. Maintain a constant watch on the website data to check the backlinks which generated the highest traffic. If you see that a blog post on online learning has generated more than 50% of the web traffic in a month, this is a clear implication that people are interested in learning more about such matters.

3. Boost visibility through SEO links

Instead of just adding URL links at the end of the post, don’t you think it is better to utilize organic keywords in the form of an anchor text? Just ensure that the phrases or terms are well-related to the landing pages. When you include SEO anchor texts, this will boost the rankings of your search engine even when there are no clicks on the links by the viewers. To achieve the best kind of results, use a wide array of keywords and avert oversaturation.

4. Avert oversaturation of keywords

If you make the blunder of saturating the content with keywords and backlinks, this will not work in favor of you or the search engines. Rather, this might end up in you being either flagged or you may even lose some loyal readers. The rule is to include only a couple of organic backlinks in each post. There should be just one link for every 100 words – this even improves the content’s readability. Viewers won’t be distracted when there are too many links within just a few sentences. Keep with the natural flow of the article.

5. Use guest posts to generate more leads

It is only through well-written guest posts that you can get the ability to use another kind of audience. Let’s suppose you post a guest post in someone else’s blog which has already created a user base. There are hundreds who visit their website every month to check out their posts. So, with a single guest post, you can easily get access to their visitors, which is again helpful for your website.

Now that you’re equipped with the best strategies to promote your content in the right ways, what are you waiting for? Use the strategies and stay ahead of your competitors.

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