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Building an online presence with your original content won’t just come overnight. Often times even well-written content is not able to rank strongly on Google – maybe the article was too long-winded, or it covers…
5 Important Tips To Improving Your Content’s Online Presence
  • 236
  • 01/08
  • John Aaron
Made a mistake- No problem at all! All you have to do is admit it, learn from it and never repeat it again! The following post emphasizes on how to make sure that your copy…
10 Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid
  • 289
  • 12/31
  • Vikash Kumar
Creating video content to market a brand or its products can be extremely effective – but what types of videos are best to do so? While the exact type of video you want to use…
4 Popular Types of Video Content Used for Marketing
Content marketing is a powerful weapon for influencing brand development and attracting new customers. It is also among the fastest growing branches of digital marketing. If you’re a content marketing veteran, you know how important…
4 Popular Types of Video Content Used for Marketing
  • 869
  • 12/03
  • Hristina Nikolovska
Marketing tools change and expand as each year passes. More and more people are exposed to content and that influences their purchasing and buying habits. New spins on old strategies and fresh thinkers expose people…
Content Marketing Strategies and Tactics to Follow in 2019
  • 302
  • 11/29
  • Lidia Staron
Ever thought of using your employees to boost your content marketing efforts? Well, if you haven’t, it’s time to do so. Now try and answer the question – “Who knows your company and your services…
How Your Employees Can Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts
  • 414
  • 10/23
  • Joydeep Bhattacharya
In an increasingly buyer driven environment where prospects navigate  a large part of the sales funnel on their own, it is pretty obvious why using content engagement to ingratiate and promote one’s brand is no…
On the “Business” of Content Marketing
  • 539
  • 09/17
  • Neema Kapoor
ENOUGH has been said about the importance of content marketing.  Every marketer of this generation gets how critical it is to pander to their customer’s whims and not their own (product or service) vanities. They…
I Get It. Content Marketing Rules. Just Tell Me Where To Start
  • 162
  • 08/14
  • Neema Kapoor
Simple. You distract them. With cleverly crafted words. Or images. Or both. The $500 jar of anti-wrinkle cream that will restore their youthful good looks or the 2 carat diamond ring that promises eternal love.…
Content Marketing: The Next Best Thing To Non-Marketing
  • 236
  • 07/30
  • Neema Kapoor
The concept of ‘frugal living’ has fast become a major trend. Today, we’re instinctively switching off lights at night, turning off water when not in use, and recycling old products. It’s an idea that is…
Recycling: It’s Not Just for Paper and Plastic, Try it With Ads and Content too
  • 180
  • 07/26
  • Anita Sambol
The internet has revolutionized the means through which information is shared. The way we work influences the way we share, and with the internet’s existence we now work more efficiently than ever. The idea of…
3 Ways to Get Your Content Promotion Strategy Off the Ground Faster
  • 212
  • 07/19
  • Kim Burmester
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