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This chapter is so important that part of me wants to include a link to this as a footnote on every page. Remember when we talked about treating our faceless mass of customers like actual…
Value Upfront. Every time. As Long As It Takes!
  • 230
  • 07/13
  • Neema Kapoor
As a business, one thing that you absolutely need is a content marketing plan. For larger businesses, this is usually done by a team of marketers but if you run a smaller business, you may…
5 Common Barriers to Implementing a Content Marketing Plan
  • 179
  • 07/05
  • Annabelle Short
Creating video content to market a brand or its products can be extremely effective – but what types of videos are best to do so? While the exact type of video you want to use…
4 Popular Types of Video Content Used for Marketing
In an increasingly buyer driven environment where prospects navigate  a large part of the sales funnel on their own, it is pretty obvious why using content engagement to ingratiate and promote one’s brand is no…
Humanizing Content: Lessons from Intelligent Content Conference
  • 253
  • 07/03
  • Neema Kapoor
So, you’ve created a new SaaS, or software as a service, platform and now you’re looking to promote it to business leaders and/or consumers. Breaking into any industry can be difficult, especially when no one…
5 Content Marketing Considerations for SaaS Companies
  • 91
  • 06/29
  • Steven Briggs
Agile developed in response to a fast marketplace where customer requirements, and the marketplace itself, were changing so rapidly that it became important to work in “sprints” — as opposed to the “marathons” many are used…
What is Hotter than Content Marketing? Yes, it’s Agile Content Marketing
  • 325
  • 06/27
  • Neema Kapoor
The number of businesses investing in content marketing is constantly rising. According to the 2018 Content Marketing Institute’s research, 91% of small businesses are using content marketing, while 54% of nonusers are planning to invest…
What Content KPIs to Track on your Website after GDPR Introduction
  • 62
  • 06/25
  • Nate Vickery
Now, basic as this may sound, every story, however well narrated, cannot achieve everything in the same measure. Some create empathy and awareness for homeless children while others create an immediate, pressing need to buy,…
Content Is What Content Does … On Measuring Results
  • 59
  • 06/20
  • Neema Kapoor
Are You Ready to Be Experienced? It’s a strange time to be a content marketer. As we strive to create compelling content that resonates, buzzwords like machine learning, virtual reality, and Blockchain are disrupting the…
Humanizing Content: Lessons from Intelligent Content Conference
We all know that having valuable web content is crucial for attracting people to your page. But from an SEO perspective – the way your content is structured is just as important as the information…
Humanizing Content: Lessons from Intelligent Content Conference
  • 51
  • 06/19
  • Elijah Masek-Kelly
If you’re reading this article, chances are you won’t read much further. That’s because, statistically, most people don’t get too far beyond the headlines when they peruse content online. In fact, according to the Washington…
4 Advantages to Reading Marketing Content Thoroughly
  • 129
  • 06/11
  • Chans Weber
Got a blog that you want to be seen by as many people as possible? Tried a few ways of promoting it but haven’t quite reached the audience you wanted to? It’s time to think…
7 Unorthodox Ways to Promote Your Blog Post
  • 267
  • 06/11
  • Aljaz Fajmut
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