Creative Content and Marvelous Mobile App, Secret Quotient for Business Success

Mobile apps have transformed business in a fling. Well, well, well, mobile apps set their intuitive steps in the business as a fling but have now secured a position as an integral chunk. With an increase in the volume of type (tablets, phones, and wearables) and the number of devices and expanding IOT, the need for enterprise apps is in huge demand. Outnumbered business are diverging their ways towards enterprise apps to promote their brand, jack up their revenue figures, and be visible to their customers 24*7. Well, if this is what businesses expect, then mere apps cannot take you to your desired destination. So you must be faffing around, if not just mobile app, what else do you need? It’s content that can work the magic.

With 2.8 million existing mobile apps and gradually heading towards 3, how will you make your business stand out with a mobile app? When the bombastic business has added the quotient of mobile apps conjoined with the creative content, blimey, you now hit the bull’s eye.

Let me show you how content has worked its way for converting the business to brand. “Just do it” – ever heard this tagline? Of course, yes, it’s Nike. When you think of Nike, “Just do it” comes right along. This is what I was talking about. Content is like the tagline of Vodafone “Wherever you go, we follow”. Well, still there are mobile app development companies who are least interested in creating and applying content strategies. This is because they see it as a minor and not a major fruit bearing activity. If being a business incubator, you are bright eyed and bushy tailed, here’s what you need to do. Well, don’t just skew, analyze the facts and if you find them convincing, then only follow.

1) Upsurge your brand recognition

With mobile apps, your business gets visibility and with content the visibility becomes beautiful. Business needs an effective communication channel and Android and IOS apps entail them with the same. They play a huge role in brand recognition as they avail individuality to the business. Apps share the logo, tagline, fonts, color scheme, and such other variants that contribute to building a brand. This is what your audience sees you as and read you as. Have you ever experienced some logo that’s just stuck in your mind? If yes, then this is what you should be focusing on for your mobile app, to build something that your users can’t get out of their eyes and hands.

2) Invite new customers

Why would someone be interested to block up their phone storage or spend their valuable time for your app? It’s simple. Because it’s interesting or informative or useful. Blogs, comments, reviews, social media posts… are some of the content marketing strategies which attract new users to the app and in turn new clients to the business. When blogs on different sites are featured, herds of people will come to know about it and when it is accompanied with positive comments; users will rush to check it at once. Blog and comments will give a push to the users to download the app and app will give a push to the business ultimately. One of the easy mediums to reach to your potent users through content is Quora. Here, users will post their query and related companies will answer. It’s a promotional content marketing medium where sellers and buyers meet each other.

3) Create a content calendar

You cannot put a full stop by just indulging in the mobile app development for business promotion, you will have to walk a mile ahead and keep it updated with content that lures the users. Random and irregular posting is not appreciated by the user. Prepare a content calendar beforehand, research the list of topics, and prepare a chart as to on which date you will be posting on which topic. Pay heed to seasonal posts and yes don’t miss out on the latest trends and news. Create a buzz digitally through content marketing about the post which will result in driving traffic to your app. By writing news and trends, the benefit your business will get is it will remain in news and trend.

4) App for business launch and buzz for app launch

During the business launch, what it needs is people to know about it and diverge their ways here. What’s the best way to do that? Smartphones are in each hand these days and nothing can be better than handing your business in their hands. The app will make you available all the time and give your business a head start. While app launch, there should be a buzz around through social media or blogs so that it can reach the desired amount of visitors at first, increase the number of users at second, and convert the number of the customers later.

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