Creativity Can Give Your Company Celebrity Status

With technology fueling the revolution of innovation and creativity, businesses are beginning to understand the importance of encouraging a creative culture among their employees.

Depending on the business, it’s no longer acceptable to simply sell products or services… You might feel pressure to be a “celebrity” about it.

What do I mean by the term “celebrity?” When a business simply operates to manufacture and sell a product or service without much marketing effort, those businesses could become a commodity—and, most importantly, an unsuccessful business. But a business that dares to do more, to innovate, to build, to stand out and go where no other business has gone before becomes something different. That business is suddenly in the spotlight, inspiring other businesses and, in a way, viewed like a “celebrity”.

This type of “celebrity” status can first be achieved by harnessing the creative individuals of your company and allowing their imaginations to strike the match of an innovation revolution.

Interested? Let’s look at where your company falls in the graphic below: Is your organization boring or creative?

Does your company suffer from these boring attributes?

  • Isolated employees
    Where do your employees work? Are they working in lonely cubicles, or are they collaborating over open workspaces? Closing off employees could hinder collaboration and any creativity that might result from it. Open your doors!
  • Data-only innovation
    While data is considered priceless for many reasons, it can also be a hindrance of creativity. If your company is building strategies based on data alone, you’re not grasping the full potential of your employees’ abilities.
  • Strict time constraints
    Quality vs. quantity: the epic showdown. Many businesses restrict any sort of creativity by not allowing employees to think on their own. Loosen up a bit and let the ideas flow!
  • Not allowing mistakes
    Let’s get this straight: A mistake is not a bad thing. A mistake is an opportunity. Don’t discourage your employees from making mistakes because they just might be one step away from a breakthrough idea.

Here’s what you can do to make your company creative:

  • Be a positive influence
    To build a creative culture, leadership needs to take the first step. Lead by creative and positive example so your employees will understand what is expected.
  • Take a lot of notes
    Got an idea? Write it down. Did someone else’s idea inspire you? Write it down. Listening in a meeting? Write it down. Note-taking allows you to collect information and make visual connections to spark ideas.
  • Encourage each other
    Don’t forget to pat someone on the back when they get a great idea. Even if an idea isn’t exactly what the company needs at that point in time, any idea is better than none.
  • Collaborate
    Diversity is a key driver in enabling creativity. Get project teams together and let their minds build something even better than what only one person can come up with.

Find the creative side of your business and watch it work to represent your brand as a fun and encouraging culture of brilliant minds… and celebrity-level results!