D & AD Announces Body Type 2020, A New Blood Entry

D&AD has announced Body Type 2020, a New Blood Entry in which the body dictates the design. The message they want to send out is that perfection can take any form and music can free us from the conventional definition of perfect. To drive home the message, they have used Helvetica, the font that best defines perfection, and redesigned it for their message.

Design and Art Direction, more popularly known as D&AD, is a registered charity and a company limited registered in England and Wales. The company promotes excellence in design and advertising and is most famous for its annual awards, the D&AD Pencils.

For creative ideas imagined brilliantly, executed beautifully, we imagined the D&AD Pencil is the best example for creative ideas that are imagined brilliantly and executed beautifully. The company has been around since 1962. This year’s D&AD Awards 2020 Pencil winners will be accompanied by a series of creative excellence talks presented by Adobe.

The goal of D& AD is to inform, educate, and inspire those associated with creative work.

In the Body Type theme announced by D&AD, users dance to the songs that make them ‘feel good’ while the movement tracking data create a typeface that’s is unique to every individual. They can own their uniquely created typeface through copyright. Users can others own their body types leading to the creation of a community of individuals, all dancing in unison to their own rhythms.

The agency makes use of AR or Augmented Reality which can be used to scan the various posters and understand how music can help people break away from self-doubt and reality.  Users can even customize their vinyl covers and listen to the wonderful tunes that allow them to dance to their own beat.

The creative team behind this unique idea of Body Type 2020 includes Sukratti Jain, Rose Elise Achard, Adam Braun, and Paras Juneja. They represent the Miami Ad School, Hamburg.

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