Data Intelligence Leaders Radius and Leadscape Merge to Increase Revenue for Fortune 500’s

Details of the Merger

Radius and Leadscape announced today that they are joining forces under the Radius brand. The two companies, foremost leaders in the world of data intelligence for B2B sales and marketing, have plans to dominate the $50 billion data intelligence market together.

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With Radius’ over 200 financial and business service clients including; American Express, Enterprise, and Microsoft and Leadscape’s relationships with seven out of ten leading tech companies, the two pioneers are a formidable duo.

The companies are complementary data intelligence platforms and have helped revenue teams find and reach buyers through B2B platforms created with underlying data as the primary point of focus. Their primary goal is to share their expertise and values for innovation with both of their customers and to build a single data intelligence platform for B2B marketing.

Notably, Radius is built on The Global Network of Record, the largest and most accurate B2B data source and Leadscape has paved the way for global AI driven intelligence solutions. As part of the merger, Leadscape customers will gain access to The Network of Record and Radius customers will benefit from greater, global AI.

On The Global Network of Record, Radius commented in a press release,

“This new backbone go-to-market platform solves for fragmentation in the growing marketing technology landscape. Now equipped with the most comprehensive data intelligence solution, customers can partner and grow alongside a single company, rather than stitching together multiple point-solutions.”

Radius founder Darian Shirazi Revenue states in the same release, “Teams investing in Radius can be sure they’re partnering with the market-leader offering ground-breaking technologies, and the most trusted platform for growth.”

The Future of Radius

Gartner and MarketsandMarkets predict Radius sales of $50 billion for 2018, a number that will position them as a leader across global data management, multichannel management, and predictive analysis. The company has plans to build more innovation hubs in Israel and the U.S. By teaming up with Leadscape, Radius will secure a much larger and stronger client base and global reach.

Customer benefits of the merger are numerous and the newly united brand is not shying away from breaking down what new features and capabilities will be available. According to Radius,

“Customers will be equipped with better insights into data governance, enhanced matching and appending for contacts and accounts, and added lead-to-account matching functionality.”

Revenue teams will see improvements in conversions both nationally and internationally and sales reps will have more flexibility when it comes to tools used inside CRM applications. Customers will also be able to source contacts more accurately.

Specifically, Radius will onboard new data sources first and integrate them into both platforms. Over the next year, the company will create a more unified product and solution suite, taking the best technologies and features from both Radius and Leadscape.

Radius is not planning on sunsetting any of their products or services and support for those solutions will remain the same. As Radius and Leadscape find their groove, more updated and detailed data intelligence solutions will emerge.

Radius Executive Darian Shirazi and Leadscape CEO Doug Bewsher will be hosting a live webinar on May 16th to answer questions about why the two companies came together and what to expect from the merger.

Leadscape CEO Doug Bewsher will become CEO in the merger and Darian Shirazi will become Executive Chairman.

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