Decluttering Social Media: The Power of a Good Dashboard

It’s High Time to Get Organized

Social media, like the veins and arteries pumping blood throughout our bodies, is the great connector of the digital age.

It’s hard to imagine what our lives, and our marketing strategies, looked like before social media took over the world. In almost two decades, it’s managed to fully infiltrate our society like the world’s stealthiest hacker.

Most brands have come rely on multiple channels to connect with their audience and although social media has made marketing significantly better, it’s mass proliferation is a double edged sword.

On one hand, the world is more connected than it’s ever been and marketers have been able to reach thousands of new people on several different platforms in dozens of innovative different ways.

On the other hand however, it can be ridiculously hard to generate and push out engaging, tailored content on multiple platforms on a daily basis.

The vast majority of consumers expect their favorite brands to be active on the same channels they are and don’t we have an obligation to be there for them?

As award-winning marketer Jay Baer famously said, “Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”

If our goal is to connect with and activate our consumers on multiple existing and shiny new platforms, we’ll need to bunker down and get serious about organizing the mess.

Getting our social media marketing campaigns in order is, of course, easier said than done and as much as we’d like to think we can organize it ourselves, things slip through the gaps.

We all need some decluttering help sometimes and social media management dashboards are one of the best ways to rise above the mess and streamline our strategies.

5 Reasons You NEED a Social Media Dashboard in Your Life 

1. Time Management

How many of us have dedicated hours of our valuable work time checking engagement on our platforms, responding to comments, manually scheduling posts in our calendars, and evaluating analytics? Too many of us is the answer. With a dashboard, you can spend less time bouncing between channels and more time developing content your audience will fall head over heels for.

2. Collaboration

Using a social media dashboard can not only streamline your social promotion strategy, it can also organize your team and prevent bottlenecks. Having a set place where your team can work together, view all in-progress campaigns, and track engagement can boost productivity and who doesn’t want that?

3. Audience Discovery

All of us want more customers and new audiences, that’s kind of the whole point of marketing. Having a dashboard can help you keep track of new followers and commenters as well as people in your niche who are talking about what you’re selling or providing. Once you have people in mind, you can start charming them.

4. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

I can’t stress enough how important it is to schedule your content. Trying to come up with clever taglines or social promos the day of is a time-suck. It’s inefficient, time-consuming, and, if you’re wanting to post several times a day on multiple channels, it can be almost impossible to maintain quality.

With a dashboard, you can schedule your posts out days, weeks, or months in advance and you’ll never have to worry about uploading your content too close together or too far apart. (If you want to take it a step further, you can use the Lately dashboard for automatic post generation…but more on that later.)

5. Track Social Data and Analytics

Most dashboards allow you to monitor your social media marketing analytics and will give you a clear view of demographics, impressions, engagement, overall campaign performance, and keyword analytics.

Instead of trying to juggle analytics for multiple platforms, take the road less rugged and evaluate your progress in a central spot. Trust me, it will make your life so much easier. 

So Which Dashboard Should I Invest In?

There are a TON of incredible social media marketing dashboards out there but Lately, created by former radio host, entrepreneur, and all around awesome human being Kate Bradley Chernis, is a cut above the rest.

Lately harnesses the power of IBM Watson to automatically generate social posts from a link or body of text. After your unique posts are generated, you can polish up your favorites, neatly file them in a campaign folder, and schedule them for publication months in advance on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

If you’d rather have full creative control of the process, you can always write your own social content, categorize it, and schedule it in Lately’s create section. You can also store all your posts in Lately’s content library.

We had a conversation with Kate a few months back and she explained the social generator like this,

“With Lately you can just copy and paste any post into our automatic social generator and click a button and we do some IBM Watson magical keyword reading and natural language processing.

We instantly quote your blog dozens of times for you into social post size and then they can be pre short linked and pre-hashtagged as well.

Then, you can automatically schedule them out into the ether months over time. We essentially help you do 5 hours of work in 5 minutes and then you can get a couple months of marketing out of it.”

Pretty cool right?

Aside from content creation and scheduling, Lately will scan your website for keywords and compile them in an visually appealing list. If for some reason the keywords are a little off, you can always delete them and add in your own.

The wizards at Lately have also developed a pretty nifty omni-analytics feature and it’s impressive. Lately uses AI to collate your entire campaign, including content, tasks, files, graphics, associated contacts, design elements and more, in one click.

Lately’s omni-analytics tool also comes with an influencer analyzer (so you can know who to target to maximize your reach), a boss-friendly report generator, and dashboard to dashboard comparisons.

The Lately dashboard comes with several organizational tools, including a marketing calendar, goal reminders, and task manager to make planning campaigns a walk in the park.

In a nutshell, this intuitive dashboard is all kinds of magical and makes social posting an absolute breeze.

There’s so much more Lately has to offer, including transcription from audio & video, a style guide editor, RSS feeds, social profile editor, etc. and, well, it begs to be experienced first-hand. The Lately team is working diligently on new features and tools everyday to help you become a social media pro and If you’re ready to become your best social media management self, sign up for a free trial today and discover all the ways Lately can work for you.

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