Design Online Influence With a Digital Marketing Career

You can experience the world online. In the morning, you can catch up with headlines about events that happened literally minutes ago. A few moments of downtime between classes means a quick peek at Facebook to see what your friends have planned for the weekend. Your smartphone might remind you to order a birthday gift for your best friend on a break during your study group.

Of course, you have your favorite blogs, social media platforms & internet stores that you visit religiously. But do you realize that this is likely due to stellar marketing? There are thousands of people working to keep online content trending, eye-catching, and relevant. The art of drawing in the consumer can be fascinating, and digital marketing is where that happens.

Acquisition – The Digital Marketing Pitch

At present, a digital marketing career can put you in high demand, and the expectation is that this need will continue to rise. By the end of 2020, the number of smartphone users is projected to reach almost 3 billion worldwide – that’s nearly 40% of everyone on the planet. Cellular carriers are making data plans more comprehensive, so it’s easier to access the internet around the clock. This online explosion is prompting companies to consider growing their digital marketing departments, and the internet platforms themselves are creating jobs.

In addition to job security, the digital marketing sector can also be financially lucrative. An entry-level salary generally starts around $40,000, and the industry average for a digital marketing specialist is about $60,000. Salaries for managers can easily top $100,000.

Finally, a degree in digital marketing opens up a wide range of job opportunities in a multitude of interests. From working behind-the-scenes in effective web design to being on the front lines developing new strategies to engage your consumers, there is a niche for almost anybody.

Retention – The Education Commitment

It seems natural that the best place to gain the skills needed for internet marketing is, well, on the internet. You may want to think about earning a degree in digital marketing from an accredited online institution to help build your credentials right off the bat. An education in marketing can help boost your career in several ways:

  • Courses are taken in the online environment where your skills will be used
  • Instruction from experienced marketing professionals can provide insight into real-world situations
  • Completing a digital marketing program can raise your value to an employer
  • A degree can demonstrate your commitment toward your future career in digital marketing
  • The skills you learn can be put to use in building and marketing your own business

While pursuing a degree, you can start to apply your new skills as you learn by starting a blog or a lifestyle business. The key is to have your own live, independent platform in which you can test your marketing prowess. And who knows? You might end up with a following comparable to that of a rock star and a viable source of passive income.

Conversion – The Workforce Action

Chances may be that during your education program, you might choose a specific area of marketing in which to concentrate. The extrovert in you may be right at home with brand or social media strategy, which potentially allows you to interact directly with consumers to build enthusiasm for your enterprise. If you relate more to numbers and data than to people, you might find search engine optimization or media analysis more comfortable. If you’re the artistic type, you could flourish in email or content marketing, where you can engage your audience with witty prose and stunning visuals.

Another trending perk that could be well suited for you as a digital marketer is working remotely. The vision of working in your pajamas or from the beach might be ideally suited to you. Job posting websites such as FlexJobs or Indeed can also make freelancing a full-time occupation. With an in-demand career in digital marketing and a source to companies hiring temporary and remote job seekers, it could be possible for you to work as much or as little as you need to fit your lifestyle.

Whether you’re still unsure about declaring your major or looking to add a skill that will make you more relevant when you enter the workforce, digital marketing is a path that could take you in whichever direction to create your perfect future.