Digital Marketing Agency Vertuoso Partners with Wonderama

Vertuoso Brings Original Creative to an Iconic Kid’s Show

Vertuoso, one of the world’s first agencies dedicated to vertical storytelling, has just negotiated a new digital marketing partnership that could propel a 1950’s era TV show into today’s flourishing digital ecosystem.

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The agency just announced that it is is teaming up with the recently revived Wonderama, a children’s television show that made its debut on Metromedia owned stations in 1955.

The show was revived in 2017 and Vertuoso will be its premier digital marketing partner going forward. The creative company will be responsible for establishing and elevating the show’s digital marketing endeavors through various content and brand partnerships.

Wonderama Entertainment Holdings CEO Chuck Armstrong and Vertuoso Co-Founders Curt Doty and Greg Babiuk announced the new creative venture jointly.

In a press release made available to Relevance, Doty states,

“The original Wonderama was an important part of my upbringing and I’m thrilled that Vertuoso can play a role in bringing the new Wonderama to life in the digital space. The show represents the type of escapist, wholesome fun that today’s marketers are looking to partner with through inventive and powerful creative.”

Wonderama’s Chuck Armstrong also adds,

“The whole Wonderama team is so energized to partner with Vertuoso and elevate our iconic brand through inventive and thoughtful digital distribution strategies. Our mission is and always will be to put the entertainment needs of kids everywhere front and center and, with 26 new installments coming this fall, we now have a significant library to bring this beloved show to kids everywhere thanks to the dedicated team at Vertuoso.”

Vertical Optimization Kicks Into High Gear

The demand for smarter, more compelling integrated digital marketing strategies is at an all time high and creative agencies like Vertuoso are stepping up to provide creative solutions for brands looking to boost engagement.

Specifically, more and more brands are starting to see the value in content made specifically for vertical viewing on smartphones. Traditional methods of digital storytelling are evolving and agencies like Vertuoso are honing in on the vertical scene at its cusp.

Apps like Snapchat and Instagram have fully embraced vertical viewing and brands working on the platform have started optimizing their content solely for vertical viewing.

It’s not just social media companies that are experimenting with vertical content however, entertainment companies are also jumping on the vertical train. Just a few months ago, streaming giant Netflix made headlines by adding a row of vertically optimized trailers to the top of its mobile app.

With a focus on emerging vertical content opportunities, Vertuoso will be able to design and execute new content campaigns, maximize ad partnerships, and help Wonderama develop a refreshed identity for a modern crowd.

More on Vertuoso

The Vertuoso team, experts in integrated marketing, branded storytelling, production, and user experience, have committed themselves to helping clients optimize content for vertical platforms.

It’s been a big year for the budding agency. Vertuoso has drafted a team of content creators located all over the country and are currently developing shows and branded content, which they call “Vertisodes” for various platforms.

Back in April, award winning director and Producers Guild of America member Carey Lundin joined Vertuoso’s content creation team.

Check out our interview with Vertuoso CEO Curt Doty here and let us know what you think about this new partnership in the comments.

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