Digital Marketing Trends That Are Expected to Affect Branding In 2018

We are well into 2018 now, and in the past few decades, we have seen several advances in the way digital marketing is conceptualized and executed. This trend looks set to continue this year and beyond, and several new things will be making a far greater impact on the way branding is done through digital marketing. Let us look at a few of them.

Hear the Voice

More and more people are searching for products and services using voice search instead of typing out their search string. There was a time when people would feel self-conscious about seen to be speaking to their mobile phones in public and would prefer to type out their query, but that is no longer the case. This is growing at a fast pace, as evidenced by the growing popularity of Alexa or Siri. But because regular folks still do not have a clear idea about it, this is the best time for digital marketers to step in and gain first mover advantage, by designing content accordingly, and also rethinking the locations where they plan to promote their brands.

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See the Video

Pictures and images have always been popular tools for branding, but lately, videos have come into their own, and YouTube is a prime example of video becoming such a great tool for digital marketers, and also a great source of revenue for independent video producers.

Pay Personal Attention

Gone are the days of email marketing, where thousands of identical emails were sent to a list of people on a database, and most of them were flowing directly to the spam folder, some were getting read and immediately deleted, and only a few of them were drawing any response from the reader. The digital marketer of 2018 would need to design personalized frameworks for all interaction with the target prospect. A person who plans to visit site should be able to view personalized content targeted towards his preferences.

Don’t Ignore Analytics

Every social media app, every website, plugin, in fact, every tool or technology that is used for or by customers today comes built in with a small to moderate amount of capability of providing usage analytics. While a clear understanding of the branding strategy is essential, but real-time analysis of usage and acceptance data will become the bulwark of a marketer’s war council going forward.

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Plan to Be More Responsive

Most digital marketers have already realized this, and those who still haven’t, will need to get their act together in 2018 – mobiles are already more used than desktops for internet browsing, and any digital marketing content needs to be responsive to being used across all kinds of devices. The smart video ad won’t be any good if it doesn’t run well on a mobile device.

Get Ready for New Metrics

Till 2017, the efficacy of digital marketing campaigns has been measured by clicks, leads, impressions or even pixels. But a firm grip on the real return on investment continues to elude most digital marketers. The specific campaigns will, therefore, need to be designed in line with these new metrics.

Updated Content

Like we mentioned above, the video is just one of the changes in the way content can be used to drive brand building. More such changes will drive the kind of content digital marketers to use, as also the kind of medium they use.

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Augmented Reality Is the New Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) can enhance our understanding of complex procedures (especially medial), and also provide useful data that can be accessed on time. An example of AR in use is a doctor wearing an AR headset while performing a complex medical procedure that will help him with the vital signs of the patient and other information he might need during the procedure. How it can be used in for digital marketing is, for example, by using the location where you are, to provide targeted content about various brands in the vicinity.

UI Of the Future

At the beginning of this article, we spoke about the increasing importance of voice searches. That is just one of the new examples of user interfaces. Many new interfaces are already in use which makes the user feel as if he or she is simply having a conversation with the device.

It is true that the traditional principles of marketing have mostly been replaced by a new way of reaching out to and understanding the consumer, and that Digital Marketing represents new way. But even digital marketing has evolved gradually, and we will see several new developments which will be apparent as trends in 2018.