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It may seem counterintuitive, but mobile-influenced searches often start before a customer ever leaves their home or business. These searches are performed with specific goals and clear intent–e.g., intent to purchase, to visit, to get…
What Motivates Consumers To “Know Before They Go”
  • 160
  • 09/26
  • Ryan Gould
Promo by Slidely, a digital video solution trusted by Disney, Bose, Hilton, Century 21, and several other high profile clients, released a new survey yesterday that reveals some interesting consumer behaviors. The survey, dubbed the…
  • 171
  • 08/10
  • Genevieve Dietz
In a bygone age, whenever people needed a lawyer they simply looked one up in the Yellow Pages. It was this or go round asking family and friends for recommendations. In the modern age, things…
How Your Legal Firm can Benefit from Digital Marketing
Digital marketing can be a complex business, especially when it comes to advertising. Convoluted processes, a lack of transparency, numerous intermediaries between advertisers and consumers, and advertising fraud all combine to make marketing an expensive…
5 Ways Digital Advertising is Transforming in 2018
  • 205
  • 06/26
  • Maria Weinberger
New technologies have contributed to the rapid evolution of digital marketing over the past few years. The transformation hasn’t been completed yet and new trends will continue shaking things up in the future. When asked…
Digital Marketing in the Age of Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • 459
  • 06/12
  • Maria Weinberger
Snap and Pinterest May Participate Apple is looking to venture into the crowded digital ad space by creating a network that would place ads across various apps. The tech giant has reportedly met with companies,…
  • 57
  • 06/04
  • Genevieve Dietz
Dove Enters the VR Space Dove is formally unveiling its Real Beauty Productions anti-bullying film “An Hour With Her” in the form of a scannable, peelable VR magazine cover. The film, directed by Debbie Allen…
Dove, Entertainment Weekly Join Forces on VR Enabled Magazine Cover
  • 100
  • 05/18
  • Genevieve Dietz
Pinterest is often the underdog when considering a solid social media marketing strategy. But maybe that’s a good thing. At the end of the day, Pinterest is a search engine, not another social media platform.…
  • 65
  • 05/18
  • Jessica Dowches-Wheeler
Digital advertising has seen major shifts over the years and is expected to grow up to $113 billion by 2020, according to a Media Post publication. With ad spending increasing across all business sectors, we…
5 Ways Digital Advertising is Transforming in 2018
Deadpool 2 is One of the First Ads to Launch Snapchat’s 6 second unskippable commercial-like ads, announced last month, have started popping up in the middle of Discover shows produced by companies like Buzzfeed, Disney,…
5 Ways Digital Advertising is Transforming in 2018
  • 61
  • 05/16
  • Genevieve Dietz
Amazon Poses a Potential Threat to Revenue Stream Giants Amazon is planning on disrupting the digital ad market in a major way by introducing a new digital ad display for marketplace sellers. Per a report…
Amazon Tests Ad Retargeting Tool
  • 143
  • 05/15
  • Genevieve Dietz
Modern media and marketing solutions giant Gannett Co., Inc. announced today that they would be acquiring WordStream, a cloud-based software-as-a-service provider. This team-up is a direct representation of Gannett’s desires to bring more tech, data,…
Gannett Teams Up with Digital Marketing Software Company WordStream, Inc.
  • 93
  • 05/10
  • Genevieve Dietz
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