6Sense – ABM Orchestration Platform

6sense’s mission is to empower marketing and sales teams with 100 percent visibility into buyers; who they are, needs and timing. 6sense provides marketers with omnichannel connectivity and visibility from brand to demand to revenue.


Create The Perfect Segment
Deliver High ROI Account-based Display Advertising
Measure Account Engagement, Across Channels
Trigger The Right Campaign At The Right Time
 In Marketing Automation
Account Journey Indicators
CRM Account & Contact Scoring
Salesforce Workflows & Notifications

6sense’s patent-protected predictions power all downstream sales and marketing systems with intelligence on who is in an active buying cycle, what products, when they will buy and where they are in the buyer’s journey. 6sense enables intelligent growth resulting in new pipeline, higher marketing to sales conversions, larger opportunity size and increased sales productivity and effectiveness with teams focusing on the right buyers with a need now.

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