A-lehdet Dialogi

We produce over twenty customers, personnel and stakeholder magazines in digital and print through all channels. Our customer publications reach over three million Finns. In recent years, we have become the most awarded content marketing house in the Nordic countries in international industry competitions.

Dialogi employs over 30 passionate media professionals. A-lehdet’s versatile facilities, such as modern studios and photography equipment, are available to us. As part of the A-lehdet group of companies, we offer our customers access to media services. At A-lehdet Dialogi, we think that the customer is at the core of everything. Our services aim to grow your business and communicate your messages cost-effectively.

We listen, learn, react and propose solutions that suit you and it is up to you to decide. We are a holistic partner of digital and print communications, and we use all of our creativity to achieve your strategic targets together.

Business Phone Number: (+358) 40 7171442
Business Address: PL 410 Risto Rytin tie 33
City: Helsinki
ZIP Code: 811
Country: Finland
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