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We are proud change-agents. We embrace the new by rethinking the old. We redefine boundaries and think outside the box. We aren’t afraid to challenge the status-quo. But more importantly, you’re reading this because you see yourself as a steward of the customer experience, and an architect of a new engagement paradigm. Marketing has a bigger role to play than ever before, and Act-On is making that possible through technology.

We’re solving tomorrow’s problems today through Adaptive Journeys™, a new vision enabling 1-to-1 communications at scale across the customer lifecycle. The best message, at the perfect time, across the ideal channel with more personalized engagements and experiences to support your brand in the Age of the Customer.

We’re empowering tomorrow’s marketers today through an integrated workspace that drives the customer experience end-to-end, from awareness and acquisition through retention and loyalty. Everything the modern CMO and marketing department need to steward a better brand and customer experience.

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