AdGoji is a media agency. At the end of the day, we buy ad-space for our clients. Our job is to make sure that our clients’ advertising messages are exposed to the right audience, at the right time, in the right way… so that they can relax and watch their revenue grow. And all modesty aside, we’re pretty good at it! AdGoji is data-driven. We don’t like guessing too much. Everything we do is aimed at delivering healthy, competitive, measurable results. Anything that is repetitive and predictable, we automate. This way we keep our team small, our performance sharp, and our product simple. Bringing simplicity & bright colours to a sometimes complex & grey industry. AdGoji is where the magic happens. Before all the data analysis, the code writing, the software engineering, the decision making, the algorithm, and most definitely before the meetings, there is people. We’re not our code, we’re humans. And us humans are more than just colleagues: we’re friends. We work as hard as we laugh together, and we strive to make our product and each other better every day. Not because we’re unsatisfied, but because we care.

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