Admedo – The Only Fully Transparent Programmatic Marketing Platform

Admedo is the only fully transparent Programmatic Marketing Platform on the market with all the tools needed in one UI at one cost. Admedo is an independent UK-founded tech company with a mission to bring greater transparency and control to programmatic advertising. Its industry-leading proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP) was developed to democratize the programmatic landscape and provide marketers, agencies, and publishers with a straightforward and customizable way to benefit from the technology. Admedo is disrupting the online advertising industry, opening up the possibility of a programmatic future, free of binding contracts and the need to align with a particular tech stack.


Ease & Simplicity
Intelligent Targeting
Transparency & Contro;
Online Reach
Brand Safety, Fraud, and Viewability
Data Management



Admedo was independently founded in the UK, in 2013, by online advertising experts Nick Moutter and Laura Bowen. Nick and Laura witnessed first-hand an erosion of the honesty, efficiency, and profitability that programmatic promised at its inception. They wanted to build a new solution – one that was self-sufficient, frictionless, and free from conflicted interest. Now a global company, with offices in the US and Europe, and a multinational team based at our HQ in London, we’re all working towards the same goal: a simple, honest, and inclusive future for programmatic advertising.

True to our British roots, we believe in the quality of products, and the integrity of people – not just hype – so we invest continually in the capabilities of our tech and the talent that builds it.

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