Admitad – The Biggest CPA Affiliate Network in India

Admitad is a global Cost-per-Action affiliate network with the largest volumes coming from the US, Europe, UK, China, and India.
The company was founded in 2009 by Alexander Bachmann, CEO&Founder of Admitad. It has transformed its main headquarters in Heilbronn to launch more offices around the world, including the CIS countries, Europe, China, India.

It runs regular campaigns with e-commerce, travel, finance, mobile, online games and serves as a global one-stop place for all clients worldwide and a cross-border sales operator, covering all major international markets, including rare GEOs. Along with the transactions, the company offers brand recognition, regular payout system with pre-payment options, responsive customer support team, full-service solutions, various niche support, advanced technologies, fraud-proof analysis, analytics and transparent reports, while efficiently delivering the type of service demanded by today’s sophisticated online consumer.  Admitad is the type of network that can put long-standing industry titans on the defensive.

For Publishers – Publish affiliate program ads on your website and earn every time a user performs a target action, such as a purchase, application
or sign-up. Make serious money with Admitad using our great offers, high conversion rate, and attractive advertiser deals.
Our unique stats and analytics tools let you track all effective traffic channels, improve your conversion rate and boost your revenue.
For Advertisers – Promote your goods and services to your target audience and pay only for target actions such as sales, applications, and sign-ups. Our publishers’ diverse traffic will give you maximum coverage of your target audience. Set your own commission fee and evaluate the efficiency of Admitad’s CPA-channel.

Why Admitad?

More than 1600 Affiliate Programs
More Exclusives
More Tools
Publisher Advocacy
Direct Contact with Advertisers
Detailed and Transparent Reports

As of 2017, Admitad supports over  1100 affiliate programs with over  459 000 publishers. Our official launch took place on March 1, 2010. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in the global market. Transparency and quality are Admitad ’s top priorities.
In 2015, our advertisers’ orders exceeded €289 million, and we are planning to increase this figure up to €440 million in 2016.

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