Adyoulike – Deep Native Advertising

ADYOULIKE is a global leading in-feed native ad platform. Launched in 2011, it is recognized for being a pioneer in native technology and creating advertising experiences for users that mirror the websites they are visiting. Our technological innovation provides flexibility and mastery for all your issues, combining algorithmic distribution, data, and analytics, with groundbreaking AI. Unleash the power of Deep Native Advertising through our proprietary technology. Better user experience means better performance: we provide the best ROI for advertisers and generate new revenues for publishers. Bespoke auto-templating technology and pioneering in-feed creative formats for video, programmatic, mobile and more, allow ADYOULIKE to create Deep Native Advertising formats that outperform all other formats and are beautiful, engaging and more dynamic. Products:

  • SSP
  • Ad Server
  • SaaS Platform
For Advertisers, Agencies and Trading Desks Distribute Native Ad campaigns locally and globally with the world’s leading publishers. Benefit from our expertise as pioneers in Native Advertising to build impactful and engaging advertising. Imagine relevant content and enrich your customers’ in-feed experience with trustworthy native formats. Publisher – Monetize your editorial content with us Like the best publishers in the world, distribute your Native Ad campaigns through ADYOULIKE technologies. Get the most out of your inventory and strengthen your direct or programmatic sells while offering a unique user experience. Programmatic – Unleash the power of Native Advertising Imagine the future of advertising – we bring new experiences to digital, with integrated ad formats, creative story-led advertising, and seamless execution. Our Creative Studio team is experienced in creating impactful formats, stories and content strategies that are innovative and engaging.

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