AIMatters – The Leader in AI Powered Strategy

AIMatters is the Leader in AI Powered Strategy for businesses. Our machines and team analyze, educate, recommend, execute, and monitor your company, driving your company success through our AI Powered Strategy Solution. Our AI for Leaders course, created in partnership with edX, helps your leaders build much-needed AI capabilities to navigate in the machine learning.

With four modules and more than forty videos, 100 articles and multiple checks along the way, this course is the perfect primer for leaders and boards wishing to better understand how Data, AI, and Platforms come together to create exponential growth and value. And if you want to be a AI black belt – you can even get certified.

AIMatters allows its users to upload their own data, combine it with AIMatters’ proprietary data sets, and create custom strategies to suit their businesses. Our platform recognizes that every organization wants to bring their unique perspective and data sets and then see how those perspectives correlate to economic drivers and value. We allow users to mix-and-match data sets, training data, and ML algorithms to create unique insights.

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