I am both the product and the solution offered by CMO Temps. In other words, I don’t try to compete with staffing or marketing agencies. I will provide ROI to your organization in three key ways: 1. Rainmaker a. I’ve successfully managed accounts and carried a quota. I know firsthand how to generate income for a business. b. I am also well connected and influential. Over 80K follow me on Twitter and over 4K follow my LinkedIn profile. Forbes Magazine recognizes me as one of the 50 “Most Influential CMOs on Social Media.” Social Media Marketing Magazine ranks me as the “Most Followed CMO on Twitter.” Are you trying to get the attention of your prospects marketing organization? Research by Neustar, Inc. shows that I’m one of the “Most Retweeted People by CMOs.” That means I already have the attention of marketing leadership. c. My social media profiles and content will push traffic to your website if we are connected. That represents instant SEO/SEM results. 2. Innovative and creative a. I am the 2015 American Marketing Association “Marketer of the Year” for the Content Marketing category. I know how to create content that engages an audience. b. I’ve been published by MIT Sloan Management Review. c. I’m one of the Top Authors on CustomerThink.com, a site whose content covers Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience Management, and Social Business. 3. Leader, teacher, and mentor a. I’ve been a marketing instructor at the university level. I understand how to build a learning organization for competitive advantage. b. I’ve managed both large and small teams. I’ve managed both large and small P&L’s. I have industry as well as agency experience. c. Every person I’ve worked for has provided a LinkedIn recommendation. How many people can make that claim? My specialty is building B2B content-based sales lead generation programs supported by a well designed social media strategy. I can offer you a flexible working arrangement. Full-time (W-2), interim or project-based (1099) is acceptable. Do you want me to relocate? That’s acceptable as well if you are committed to a longer partnership. My past accomplishments are fully documented on LinkedIn. I’m confident in my ability to deliver the results you are hoping for. Need digital expertise at the board level? With digital talent, the most prominent board member challenge is often the stark generation gap. I have the experience and documented social media knowledge to close that gap.

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