Alex started as a copywriter in advertising and watched the traditional advertising agency model undergo an evolution. She specializes in content marketing, social media, SEO, and analytics. In my first year at LinkedIn, I proved that I had a great knack for building scale. As the head of global content, I wanted to increase my leverage by using a data-driven approach to evaluate my results. I started analyzing campaign results and conversion performance at every stage of the sales funnel, marketing channel and audience segment. I built a global content marketing dashboard to capture my data and demonstrate the impact content has on revenue, awareness, and pipeline. Using my global dashboard, our content team and cross-functional partners were able to draw insights and make data-based adjustments to our content programs, demand generation campaigns and GTM strategy. In addition, we were able to build a bottoms-up marketing plan using the data from my dashboard to measure content progress, keeps teams accountable and adjust strategy accordingly. In a short period, we shifted from making content marketing decisions based on gut instinct to making decisions based on fact-based hypothesis. By adding an analytical lens to our thinking we were able to become real strategists in marketing.

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