At Audienz, we develop blockbuster marketing campaigns and content for technology B2B. We help you captivate your audience and accelerate results in the age of diminishing attention spans. CRAFT: For technology B2B marketing and sales professionals seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their initiatives, Audienz provides a welcome alternative to traditional marketing agencies: 1. Marketing content that resonates 2. Blockbuster channel campaigns 3. Sales collateral that closes the deal. Smart, nimble, curious and creative, the Audienz team applies keen technical insights and advanced methodologies to solving your marketing challenges — augmenting your skillset, extending your reach and increasing the likelihood of success. 1. Audience Research 2. Content Strategy 3. Messaging & Storytelling 4. Content Development 5. Integrated Delivery WHO CARES? 1. CMO’s & Product Directors: We dig for the whys and hows; why potential clients should want your products, and how to tell the stories that make them buy. 2. Directors of Channels: Streamlining sales channels is key. Our stories put the right people on the right paths to decision makers. 3. Directors of Commercial Sales: Time is money. The sooner your team can sell solutions, the faster you’ll move on to the next sales cycle.

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