We recently changed our name from Analytics SEO to Authoritas to reflect how our core software and business has changed in response to the ever-changing needs of the SEO and content marketing industry.

But other than that, we’re still the same group of marketers, software engineers, SEOs and product guys and gals focused on building game-changing big data science-driven software, technology, and data.

And we’re still as focused now on helping you achieve SEO and content marketing success as we were when we started Analytics SEO in 2009, in Laurence O’Toole’s garage (like all great tech companies)!

One of the core threads that the Authoritas team shares is that we’re still absolutely passionate and excited about helping clients achieve the very best results possible by relentlessly focusing on what it takes to get to #1 in the search engines.

However, the rules of the game have changed and will continue to do so…

Search engines are using big data and machine learning algorithms to give their users and advertisers the most relevant search results and to eradicate content and link spam
Old SEO techniques focused on keyword density, meta tags and building lots of irrelevant backlinks no longer cuts it
If you are not using cutting-edge, intelligent, automated algorithms to analyze the opportunities in your industry then you are losing ground to your agiler and forward-thinking competitors
Effective SEO requires an integrated approach to the marketing team and wider organization
More and more brands are investing in content marketing to become leaders and authorities in their niche
For the past 20 or so years, the Authoritas team have been helping clients succeed online in fields as diverse as yellow pages, business information, website redesign and development, SEO services and software. We’ve even worked with some of the very best golf coaches in the world! We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to become an authority in any niche and what is involved in getting to No. 1.

Becoming an Authority in your field and reaching the dizzy heights of #1 in your industry is still as achievable as ever. You just need a multi-disciplinary team of people to help you formulate and execute a successful plan.

A golfer does not reach World No.1 and stay there based on raw talent and perseverance alone. He/she relies on a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a swing coach, caddy, manager, sponsors, short game coach, putting coach, fitness instructor, nutritionist, sports psychologist, his/her family, analytics and insights software and more.

Whether you have a great in-house team and/or are working with an agency or multiple agencies, we’d love to bring our skills, experience, data, and technology to your team to help you build your authority and achieve the success your brand deserves.

Someone has to be #1 – we’d love to talk about joining your team. Why don’t you book a demo to see how we can help you get to No. 1.

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