AutoPitch – Cold Email and Sales Development Automation Tool

AutoPitch is one of the best Cold Email and Sales Development prospecting solution for the small size business. Now increase your response rate with hyper-personalized messages. AutoPitch has fabulous features like lead management, Mail Merge, Auto-Follow up, Team-Based pricing, List Management and etc.


Super easy to use – it takes seconds to install. No tech skills required.
Boost your email open rates by landing in prospects inboxes on a regular basis.
Monitor the progress of your emails with email tracking and real-time reporting.
Grab your prospect’s LinkedIn information, and automatically add them into your e-mail campaigns to make them super-effective.
Stay CAN-SPAM Compliant by automatically pulling unsubscribers in the suppression list.

Search your target personas on LinkedIn with our free Chrome Extension, collect their contact information and start getting warm leads. Automate cold emails for sales development and increase your outreach. Filter out bounce and auto reply in inbox. Qualify more leads with auto followups, engage with them with instant notification and track your sales development progress.

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