Axonn Media is one of the UK’s top content marketing agencies. We are proud to have featured in Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies and Prolific North’s Top 50 Digital Agencies for successive years. MAKING CONTENT MARKETING SIMPLE FOR EVERYONE Our vision as a business is to make content marketing simple for everyone. Content marketing is all about being interesting and starting conversations with people you can help. Interruption-based advertising was fine for the 20th century, but your audience’s attention today is a valuable commodity which they won’t give up unless you’re giving them something they need. That’s where we come in – because getting to know your audiences, producing great content that engages them, getting it seen and shared, and then improving what you do next by analyzing what happened is a tricky business. In today’s relationships economy, the bonds agencies like us help to build you and your customers can make all the difference. We want our customers to make the most of their marketing budgets, so we share what we know, fill the gaps in your in-house capabilities and help build online strategies that get results. Axonn doesn’t treat our expertise like some magical secret to be kept hidden. Our approach is based on four disciplines: · Strategy · Creative · Amplification · Analysis

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