Ayzenberg is a full-service advertising agency with a distinctly social and agile approach. We’re a Frontline agency. Creative, driven by data, shared with vision. We’re all about creating and sharing brand stories–in a real-time, always-on, multi-screen way. We have advertising, social media, digital, original content, media planning and implementation, analytics and more under one roof, working as one. From video games and toys to beverage and consumer electronic brands, our clients value how we target, convert and generate more ROI from today’s connected ‘Gen Now’ consumers. Our Frontline approach gives us a unique ability to increase the level of consumer trust in a brand. Since Wall Street and brand marketers are increasingly judging the value of brands by public perception and trust, we’re developing a Brand Trust Index to create a profile and rating for the companies we work with. We then use our Frontline Marketing tools and processes to positively influence brand trust. The resulting data and analysis from our Frontline system inform everything we do as an agency, complementing our agency’s business model, which is built around 3 integrated pillars: (Listen, Create, and Share) Listening Team:

  • proprietary processes, listening tech, and automated reporting system
  • 3rd-party listening, market intelligence tools and data analytics
  • Real-time insights and analysis
  • Online marketing trends and analysis
  • Patented influencer discovery (ION)
  • Brand Soulmates™
Creative Team:
  • Strategy
  • Visual ID
  • Video
  • CG
  • Digital
  • Original Brand Content
  • Social Media
  • Full Editorial
  • Sound Stages
  • ION influencer talent management and creative
Sharing Team:
  • Paid Media
  • Paid Social
  • Earned Social Amplification
  • ION, a managed service for distribution of media through influencers to their subscribers
  • ICNs, customized owned media brand channel network services
At Ayzenberg, we’ve always been focused on Generation Now, influential consumers who are not defined by demographics, but by their ability to instantly recognize the value of a product or service and to share their passions with others. By tapping into the power of Generation Now, we help bring our clients the most innovative, efficient and effective solutions for their marketing needs. Ayzenberg provides truly integrated campaigns infused with the philosophy that amplifying branded content begins with content worth amplifying. Brands currently under our guidance come from Mattel, Microsoft, EA, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., Activision-Blizzard, Red Bull, and Yahoo!

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