Barry Feldman

After making the rounds in the ad agency business in Southern and Northern California for about a decade, I established a copywriting and online marketing business in 1995. Ever since, I’ve partnered with corporate marketing groups, small businesses, ad agencies, and design firms. I bring you 20-plus years of experience working across a spectrum of product categories for hundreds of companies big and small.

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Barry Feldman

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I’m Barry, the point man at Feldman Creative and digital marketing super-freak. Here’s a list of some of the reasons I’ve given myself this title:

  • Founder/owner of Feldman Creative
  • Former agency creative director
  • 25+ years copywriting experience
  • Art director, graphic designer, photographer, and video editor
  • Content marketing consultant and strategist
  • Personal brand development coach and teacher
  • Marketing conference and events speaker
  • Private trainer and workshop developer for corporate marketing
  • Author of The Road to Recognition
  • Author of SEO Simplified for Short Attention Spans
  • Producer of Copywriting for Conversion online course
  • Author and designer of numerous eBook

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