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Bizzuka develops customized lead-generating systems designed to drive conversions and put qualified leads in the hands of your salespeople. That is our single focus. That is all we do. Over the past few years, we’ve become more and more frustrated with the players in our industry and the product being produced by these so-called web developers. They confuse flash with function and consistently fail to produce the one result companies need most: predictable revenue.

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We’ve come to understand that websites are not just about pretty pictures, more traffic, better keywords and higher rankings on Google. Those things are important, sure, but more than anything else, websites need to produce when it comes to the bottom line. Think about it. If your website was doing the prospecting, your sales team could be spending 80% of their time closing deals and bringing back checks instead of hunting down new prospects. An effective website isn’t one that wins awards for a pretty design… an effective website is one that makes your salespeople four times as productive. Just think of the impact that could have on your bottom line.

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