Blue Phoenix Media is a 12-year-old Digital Marketing Agency. We focus on performance-based marketing, customer acquisition, lead generation. Our advertisers are Fortune 1000 company’s and our publishers drive traffic via email, search, display, native, social, contextual and video marketing. For advertisers, Blue Phoenix Media has exclusive web properties, that enable you maximum brand awareness.

Our agency partners can benefit from:

  • High-Volume Source for Targeted Leads and Consumers
  • Experienced and dedicated support staff that is available 24/7
  • Lead and data hygiene
  • Significant revenues that are scaled to your site registration growth
  • Real-time reporting
  • Analysis and optimization
  • Syndicated advertising between our affiliate and lead generation network
  • Multi-Faceted Revenue Channels with blended risk factors that leverage technology, publishers, and advertisers
  • Technology that offers many forms of targeting that include geographic area, gender, age, income, and more…
  • Real-time optimization on the position of each offer to make sure the site has the highest possible ecpm.
Utilizing performance marketing, we have the ability to acquire, engage and target customers. For publishers, we help you build targeted campaigns so there are no wasted marketing dollars. At Blue Phoenix Media, we ensure our quality and one on one service for both our publishers and advertisers.

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