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Maxim Donde, Development Manager at BrightInfo

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BrightInfo’s self-learning algorithm scans your website and performs a semantic analysis of all pages and content assets. Most marketers are delighted when increasing their conversion rate, for instance from 5% to 6%. In this regard, BrightInfo insists on looking at the glass half-empty. More than 95% of visitors to a website – potential customers – leave without engaging. Why? They don’t find it relevant. Which is strange, since they’ve reached the website for a reason.


  • Understanding your content
  • Profiling your audience
  • Personalizing in Real-time
  • AI-based algorithm
  • Content Analytics
  • A/B Test Mode
  • Advanced Targeting

Visitors arrive at your website from different channels and industries, they come with specific needs and at various stages of the buying cycle. Each of them behaves according to their own personality and attention span. It is hard to imagine that one website can fit them all. Well, it can. It is just a matter of how to present it. BrightInfo answers each visitor’s specific needs by suggesting them the right content at the right time – the most relevant content for them. Now imagine the impact on the conversion rate.

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