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C+C IS ALL ABOUT THE GOOD. Good, in terms of what comes from people’s hearts when not hindered by self-interest or demonic possession.

Good, as it relates to campaigns that are 1) considerate towards the earth and the people living on it, and 2) inconsiderate towards things like coal trains making a polluted bummer out of the said earth. Good, as in the goodness that comes from creating messaging that moves needles, change behavior and makes the world a nicer place.

Good, as in thriving relationships with clients, media, and partners that help us deliver those messages in the right way at the right time to make a difference.


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It began as all great stories do: with a kitchen table and a high protein snack. From these humble beginnings in 2005, Julie Colehour and Bryan Cohen established the C+C mantra Do Good Work (except on those days when it’s superseded by the more vivid “Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here, Clean Up Your Mess”).

Much like the noble hermit crab, C+C outgrew the kitchen table, moving to an office behind a bridal shop to an office with a conference room to an office with two conference rooms to an office with two conference rooms and reception area to an office with many conference rooms, a reception area, kitchen, lounge, windows, two refrigerators, and a headless mannequin. His name is Greg. Along the way, we collected about 50 like-minded, hardworking people to fill that office, plus offices in Portland, DC , nd Boston.

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