CompetitorBoard – Competitor Monitoring and Analysis Tool

CompetitorBoard helps marketers easily keep track of competitors social media, email marketing and blog updates on a single board, saving hours of manual work. Instantly track your competitor’s online activities on a single board. Real-time updates on your competitor’s social media updates, email marketing campaigns, and blog updates. Monitor your competitor’s social media, email campaigns and content updates in real time.

Our Product: Competitor Board

Social Media  – Monitor Facebook and Twitter.
Email Campaigns – See your competitors latest email creative, subject lines and send times.
Blog – Get updates when your competitors publish new content.

As a digital marketer, I like to keep an eye on competitors social media, blog, and email campaigns. But I’m in an industry with 10+ competitors. Checking every competitor’s social updates, monitoring their email marketing campaigns started to consume way too much of my time. I thought what if there was a product that aggregated competitor updates in real time… on a single board. And so CompetitorBoard was built.