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I’m Julia McCoy, founder of content creation agency Express Writers. Just 6 years ago, I started with nothing but $75, a hope, and a dream. Express Writers offers content writing and strategy services that help businesses get found online. The company is based in Austin, TX and has 75+ staff writers on board.

Back in 2011, I quit a nursing degree to follow my passion for writing. Self-taught, within three months I had enough clients to start a business. I started my content writing agency, Express Writers, out of nothing but $75, and spent 60-hour weeks to code and launch my first website.

My goal in the early stages of building a content creation team was to find and assemble the best content writers on the web. My vision slowly came true, and the setbacks and failures along the way turned out to be necessary steps in the path of our success.


    Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5PM CST


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