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Sophie will send you a text message when she finds something awesome for you to share. Every share Sophie creates will automagically have relevant hashtags and an image to ensure you get the best engagement. Sophie will also decide the best time to share throughout the day so you don't need to worry ever again.

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Alistair Neal

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ContentApp is a software platform for curation, creation, and distribution is content on social channels.

ContentApp was built for three reasons:

  • The first purpose is to enable individuals to effortlessly build a personal brand on social channels by sharing relevant content that exposes their professional interests and values.
  • The second purpose is to enable marketers, employer branding professionals, and content creators to easily share company news, blog posts, and other relevant company-specific via their employee company-specific fashion.
  • Lastly, we remove roadblocks and repetitive tasks involved in the above.


  • Social Scheduler
  • Calendar Overview
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Upload Images from Dropbox
  • Have Fun with GIFs
  • Pre-Defined Hashtags
  • Keyword Filters
  • Chrome Plugin


  • Individual  – 29$/Month
  • Company – 99$/Month
  • Lite Users – 15$/Month
  • Users – 25$/Month

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