Testing / Optimization

Ameex Technologies is a trusted partner for many IT clients and partners worldwide. Managed and led by experienced practice leads with in-depth understanding of technical and business needs, it offers unique and proven solutions to manage…

Global Leader In QA and Software Testing Services

Clearhead is the experience optimization company. Using evidence and experimentation, we help some of the best known brands design, build and deliver amazing experiences across the customer journey.

First Move delivers direct mail design, digital print and fulfillment services that are designed to increase profitability and improve customer retention and customer lifetime value for our clients.

Marketing Experiments curates the world’s largest library of research and case studies in the field of optimization, a/b testing, and digital messaging. .

Our referral marketing schemes help businesses worldwide reward happy customers who share the love.

NetAcquire delivers rugged, high performance, cost-effective, and customized solutions to clients in every sector of the aerospace industry, including satellite, aircraft, radar, and test range market

Replace digital guesswork with evidence based optimization. 10x your testing and experimentation velocity with optimizely.

Connect A/B testing, Analytics and Landing Pages into One Simple Spreadsheet

UpDoer Technology an independent software testing company and have a team of professional testers with expertise in manual and automation testing.