eVoice – Virtual Business Phone Number and Virtual Phone System

eVoice is a Small Business Phone Solution That Leaves a Big Impression. eVoice professionally answers and routes all your incoming business calls, making you sound like a large, established business. The eVoice phone service includes a powerful set of features that allows you to run your business from any device, no matter where you are. Whether you are a business of 1 or 100, you can easily customize eVoice to suit your business needs.


Get the Most Out of Your eVoice Service
Create Your Own Company Greeting
Leave a great impression on your customers with a customized, studio-recorded greeting that makes you sound professional and established.
Route Calls Wherever You Want
Easily forward calls to your home, office or mobile phone, and include menu options in your greeting to let callers choose the appropriate extension or department.
Do Your Business on the Go
Tap into the eVoice Mobile App for iOS and Android for the fastest and most convenient way to view voicemail and text messages, forward calls, and screen unwanted numbers.
Easily Manage Your Account Online
Manage your eVoice phone system right from your desktop or mobile device. Create your own call routing schedules, voicemail messages and extensions with our easy-to-use cloud-based interface online.

eVoice doesn’t just forward ccallto your mobile phone, it can route calls wherever you want. First, you choose a local, toll free, or international number and then we automatically connect all calls to your eVoice number. The eVoice phone system then professionally greets your callers and directs them to the person or department they’re looking for, based on customizable extensions and a dial-by-name directory.

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