Hanpin Marketing – Digital Marketing Agency

It’s easy for an agency to double their revenue by becoming full-service. But Hanapin’s goal isn’t to double what we make from each client; our goal is to double what clients make from us. We do this by solving our client’s pressing problems with a unique blend of People and Technology. This Focus allows us to stay ahead of industry changes and drive goal-crushing results. Services:

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Conversion rate Optimization
  • Shopping
  • Programmatic Advertising
Our clients choose to spend 251% more on PPC after hiring us. And after 14 years, we’ve been on the Inc 5000 list 4 consecutive times, won 5 straight Best Place to Work awards, and grown 10x over the past 5 years. Results Matter Most – 251%. That’s how much faster clients choose to grow in their first 12 months after hiring us. Since our clients’ growth is tied to the results we generate, that means clients see a whole lot more profit after hiring us. Unlimited Innovation – As leaders of the PPC community, we’re invited to Alpha’s and Beta’s early and often. We then apply what we learn directly into our clients’ accounts. Giving them an advantage over their competition. Sensible Strategies – Our clients need more from us than a list of action items. We’re too busy for fluff and hyperbole. We make the time and do the work to understand what’s working and why, and what’s broken and create a plan to fix it. Unique Partnerships – Because of our size and place in the industry, we’ve forged unique relationships with engines like Google, Bing and Facebook, as well as the tech providers driving the future of our industry. Flexible Service Models – We have models that allow us to scale our service to our clients’ needs. Our models include full-management, in-house partnerships—for when teams want outside perspective—and hour-based production work. Proactive Management – From sharing industry updates to deep dives into competitive trends, Hanapin’s modus operandi is to always be driving new ideas. We also know we can only get the best results if we challenge our client’s thinking.

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