Hive9 – Marketing Peformance Management Solution

Hive9 is the marketing performance management company. B2B CMOs, demand gen leaders, and marketing operations experts rely on Hive9’s cloud-based solution to get one view of all plans and budgets tied to pipeline and revenue performance, optimize the full customer experience, and measure what matters to get the real-time visibility that drives action and results. Unlike static spreadsheets and disparate, out-of-sync tools, Hive9 predicts and improves the impact of marketing and provides always-on intelligence with connections to leading CRM, marketing automation, finance, and project management systems.


Marketing Planning
Marketing Financial Management
Marketing Performance and Attribution

Marketing technology and measurement complexity have led to endless data and planning silos, inaccurate dashboards and spreadsheet overload. Marketing departments are continually asked to show the impact of their spending, requiring a different method to plan and measure impact. Hive9 marketing performance management is the new approach. Hive9 customers include Zebra Technologies, TD Ameritrade, and Sage Software, and the company is based in Austin, Texas.

Business Phone Number: 888-693-2693
Business Address: 805 Las Cimas Parkway, Suite 130
City: Austin
ZIP Code: 78746
Country: USA