Insighter – Drive Conversion with Every Link you Share

Insighter is a better way to share content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email, anywhere. Insighter’s special link adds your brand and call-to-action to any webpage you share – empowering engagements and conversions. In addition, Insighter provides instant insights, pinpointing your biggest opportunities, top performing posts, best traffic sources, highest engaging content and most loyal audiences. It’s free, takes seconds to set up and requires no coding. Features:

  • All Badge Types
  • Extension & Integration
  • Lead Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Retargeting Pixel
  • White Label
  • Priority Support
  • Branding & Customization
  • Posts Customization
  • Badge Rotations
  • Follow Me Social Buttons
At Insighter, we strive to create the best content sharing experience for both sharers and content owners. Rewarding readers for distributing content while driving additional distribution and Link Juice Credit (canonical URL) to content owners

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