Integrate – Orchestrate Your Demand Marketing Strategy

Integrate is a marketing technology provider of Demand Orchestration Software, enabling marketers to automate top-of-funnel demand marketing efforts, enabling marketers to:

  • Engage potential prospects wherever they go for information, without relying solely on unsolicited inbound inquiries.
  • More efficiently manage relationships with lead- and prospect-data sources and channels from contract to an ongoing fulfillment.
  • Effectively manage, track and optimize top-funnel demand gen campaigns for predictable demand generation outcomes.
  • Generate leads at both the contact and account levels using advanced tools and targeting (target account lists, predictive models, segments, activity data, lead scores, etc.).
  • Automate lead data processing, validation, and enhancement to ensure quality and marketability.
  • Ensure that leads are efficiently processed and integrated into marketing automation and CRM.
  • Correlate top-funnel activities to mid- and low-funnel conversions to make more informed demand-generation investments.
  • Work with existing systems and data sources to create a more holistic demand marketing engine.
  • Problem we Solve
  • Demand Orchestration Software
  • Top Funnel Automation
  • Data Validation and Enhancement
  • Lead Processing & Routing
  • Measurement & Optimization
  • Integrations
Five years later, we’ve built a bad-ass platform through 100 employees across 4 offices and with the help of 5000 marketers and media partners. We’re transforming outbound demand generation as we know it.

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