Integrate – Orchestrate Your Demand Marketing Strategy

Integrate is a marketing technology provider of Demand Orchestration Software, enabling marketers to automate top-of-funnel demand marketing efforts, enabling marketers to:

Engage potential prospects wherever they go for information, without relying solely on unsolicited inbound inquiries.
More efficiently manage relationships with lead- and prospect-data sources and channels from contract to an ongoing fulfillment.
Effectively manage, track and optimize top-funnel demand gen campaigns for predictable demand generation outcomes.
Generate leads at both the contact and account levels using advanced tools and targeting (target account lists, predictive models, segments, activity data, lead scores, etc.).
Automate lead data processing, validation, and enhancement to ensure quality and marketability.
Ensure that leads are efficiently processed and integrated into marketing automation and CRM.
Correlate top-funnel activities to mid- and low-funnel conversions to make more informed demand-generation investments.
Work with existing systems and data sources to create a more holistic demand marketing engine.


Problem we Solve
Demand Orchestration Software
Top Funnel Automation
Data Validation and Enhancement
Lead Processing & Routing
Measurement & Optimization

Five years later, we’ve built a bad-ass platform through 100 employees across 4 offices and with the help of 5000 marketers and media partners. We’re transforming outbound demand generation as we know it.

Business Phone Number: 866-478-0326
Business Address: 111 West Monroe Street 19th Floor
City: Phoenix
ZIP Code: 85003
Country: USA