IO Integration – Creative Marketing Technology Unleashed

At IO Integration our expertise is marketing and creative production technology. We help the world’s leading brands, agencies, and retailers navigate the expanding universe of marketing technology to ensure effective solutions that meet the unique requirements and business needs of our clients. Solutions:

  • Digital Asset Mangement
  • Digital Experience Management
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Project & Resource Management
  • Production Workflow
  • Online Reviewal and Approval.
Since 2001, IO Integration has delivered the technology and know-how to help the world’s top brands automate their marketing production workflows and extend the reach and impact of their content. As digital platforms have transformed marketing from print-centric to multi-channel and multi-screen, we’ve helped brands get control of their processes, put the focus back on creative execution, and deliver the kinds of engaging, relevant, global customer experiences that increase sales. We offer a breadth and depth of marketing technologies to enterprises, retailers, agencies, and publishers, including solutions for multi-channel content (CMS), enterprise communications (ECM), customer experience management (CXM), digital asset management (DAM), workflow automation, and brand management. We also offer professional consulting services to help organizations build solutions that fit their unique needs, and all of our solutions come with enterprise-level, 24×7 support.

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